Woman Removes Bottom Ribs to Achieve 14 Inch Waist [Gallery]

Posted on: 11 Dec 2015

Model spends $120,000 (£79,160) on 15 surgeries and has SIX RIBS removed in her quest for a 14-inch waist – because she wants to look like a cartoon character.  We’ve sourced 22 of her most popular images to showcase on our site.

1Pixee Fox, 25, wants to resemble an animated figure like Jessica Rabbit. She’s had nose jobs, breast implants and a bum lift to achieve her target. The Rib removal is part of an effort to shrink her waist to record-breaking 14 inches. The former electrician from Sweden now lives in North Carolina. Pixie’s waist is now a tiny 16 inches, but she’s aiming to shrink it even further to a record breaking 14 inches.